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Whatever's happening - concerts, plays, recitals, lectures, seminars, religious ceremonies, legal depositions, graduations, or virtually anything else - Flux Audio/Video's Video Production Service provides an affordable way to preserve the event.  Our low-profile, unobtrusive style of videography enables us to capture the event while blending into the surroundings - your assurance that attention remains focused on the event and not the video crew.

Our small, but effective, on-location production system includes up to three professional HD camcorders all capable of recording in full High Definition (one camera capable of 4K recording)  with 5.1-channel surround soundtracks (and/or stereo from a soundboard feed, if available) mounted on Bogen tripods. 

Also available, as needed:  A Nady 4-channel wireless lavalier microphone system, a 3-point lighting system with a variety of gels, and a small 24-bit audio recorder with 4 built-in microphones for separate audio recording in stereo or 4-channel surround.

After the shoot (whether we shoot the event, or working from existing footage you provide), we can also take care of all the editing, titling, sound mixing, file creation for upload/streaming and DVD or Blu-Ray authoring, complete with full, custom-designed menus and professionally-mastered Dolby Digital and/or DTS soundtracks.  Our Sony Digital Video Workstation features software by Sony, Adobe, Minnetonka, Waves, Diamond Cut, Steinberg, Focusrite, SSL, Antares, and Bias, among many others.

Whether you need 1, 100 or up to 300 copies, our short-run DVD-R duplication system can handle a wide range of DVD formats from any region (0-8) including DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer and DVD-RAM with capacities up to 4.7GB (single layer) or 8.4GB (dual layer).

All our duplication packages also feature full-color direct-on-disc printing (no sticky, paper labels).  Plus, we can also do the paper printing - formatted for your choice of packaging  - also in full color.  Whether submitted in finished form in virtually any format or created from scratch in-house, we'll get the graphics just right (with all the necessary logos) and even stuff the artwork into the boxes!




One camera  - $45 per hour

Two cameras  - $75 per hour

Three cameras - $100 per hour

Digital editing / titling / restoration - $35 per hour
DVD/Blu-Ray-Authoring  - $35 per hour

Uploading to streaming platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) - $25 per hour

    - Includes duplication, slimline jewel boxes and direct-on-disc printing in full color

(add $0.50 per disc for graphics that cover the entire disc surface and/or are predominately one color).
     - Inserts not included (call for details).

1-25 copies  - $5 each

26-50 copies - $4 each

51-100 copies - $3 each

101-300 copies - $2.50 each

Non-DVD Master - $10 per hour of video
    (covers the creation of a duplication-ready master disc)


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