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Dance Recitals

The preparations...the music...the choreography...the practice...the costumes…the makeup and hair...the rehearsal...all lead up to one thing: THE RECITAL!  Once it's over, you're left with only a memory; and memories fade. That's why having your dance recital professionally recorded by Flux Audio/Video is a must!  The final video is a keepsake that you, your instructors, and your students and their families will treasure for years to come.   Our standard recital video productions include:

- 2 professional High Definition (HD) digital cameras

(One camera for a whole stage wide shot, the other for closer shots)
- Editing & Titles
- Widescreen (1.78:1) aspect ratio
  - 2.0 Stereo Sound or 5.1 Surround Sound, venue permitting or as appropriate

- Custom-designed DVD menus and chapter markers for quick, easy access to each dance

- Custom-designed DVD labels - direct-on-disc color printing

- Custom-designed jewel case insert

- Professional grade DVD/Blu-Ray media

- Duplication services

- Digital file for online streaming

Well in advance of the show, we supply you with order forms for distribution to your students. When the video is completed, we provide the dance studio with a complimentary copy.  It’s a great service to offer to your students as they will keep their recital videos for years to come, reminding them of all the great times and hard work they put into the show!
How much does it cost?    Most of our performance videography is done ‘on spec,’ meaning the studio does not pay for production costs, provided we receive a minimum of 30 prepaid orders!   The cost per DVD copy is $25 ($35 for Blu-Ray).  Another option is to include the price of one copy in your 'recital fee' or 'costume fee'. This way, every family receives a copy of the performance without adding to the list of 'things to do' at recital time.  For smaller studios or situations where a minimum of 30 orders is unlikely, an alternate arrangement costs the studio $300 with copies available at $15 each (no minimum).


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